The home of reinvented radio programming modernizing radio programming formulas for a wider audience in super high definition audio and delivered terrestrially for maximum flexibility and localization.


The ultimate in 24-Hour Programming. Rock Classics in the highest quality audio you have heard in decades.

The only 24-hour classic rock format available off satellite

The highest in music quality with SyncHD audio format

Updated to a more modern sensibility appealing to Millennials and GenXers

State of the art Synchronicity delivery creates powerful localization capabilities

Loaded with personality


Listen to this short demo to get a feel for the disruptive format



Listen to this short demo of ClassicHD All Ages. Available in 2, 3, and 5 hour versions.


Live On Air Demo

Stream Classic:HD now, and you'll hear the format as it is live on-air.

[NOTE: this stream is demonstration only and for non commercial purposes; if using Safari, please download PLS file to demo]



is an expanded and modernized classic rock radio show

that throws out the tired, overplayed songs you keep hearing on other stations. Just like the 24 hour version, ClassicHD All Ages is available in 2, 3 and 5 hour shows. By modernizing the classic rock formula, your station will attracts a much wider audience. Like all Civilian Radio programming, this too is available in super high definition audio that will differentiate it from any other music based station in your market, and can be delivered immediately via internet for maximum flexibility and localization.


Started by two guys who met in 2nd grade, Civilian Radio is a new-sound production company at the apex of media savvy and radio expertise. We aim to reinvent current standards, create programming around egalitarian issues, and produce the absolute best in radio content curation.


Remember when there were just four or five TV stations? Remember when radio stations played whole albums on Sunday night? Remember when Star Wars was the greatest thing you’d ever seen? We’re in a brave new world where streaming is the new normal, everyone’s a reality star, and there are millions of podcasts to choose from. Satellite. Streaming. Apps. Downloads. Pick that, choose this, go here, download there. When did finding the best music with the absolute best quality become so much work? Well, we’ve got you covered. We want to make it easy to turn on the radio and hear the best classics, but updated to better match your current tastes - you know, not the same old repetitive playlists programmed by Baby Boomer types since the 1970s. Think about swapping out those REO Speedwagon songs and bringing in Nirvana, Band of Horses, Radiohead, or Foo Fighters. The classic songs of ALL rock generations, including THIS CENTURY, carefully curated and in ULTRA HIGH FIDELITY SOUND. Yep. In your car. HD sound means you’ve never heard these songs on your radio like this before (or at least since they stopped playing vinyl on air!).

What’s in the mix? ClassicHD – the devil is in the details

Programmed by lifelong professional musician Philip Golden, ClassicHD is a reinvention of the tried and true Classic Rock format. By playing rock classics from a much wider spectrum of eras and artists, we’re confident ClassicHD will attract a more advertiser-coveted range of listeners, GenXers and Millennials, as well as holding on to the Boomers.

The ClassicHD Mix

Tried & True
70s main | 4 per hour
70s b-list | 2 per hour
60s all | 2 per hour
80s main | 1 per hour
Modern Reinvention:
80s b-list | 1 per hour
90s/00s main | 1 per hour
90s/00s b-list| 1 per hour
Expanded Horizons | even newer music that will wow GenXers Millennials | 1 per 3 hours


Available via Barter
Innovative & Unique Content
State of the Art Flexibility
Loaded with personality

The Wealth Files

On The Wealth Files, economics research expert Christian Galatti uncovers the secrets that Wall Street insiders don’t want you to know. Get the info you need to take back from the 1%.

In the age of so-called “fake news,” the line between what’s real and what’s not has become inscrutable.... Hosted by Christian Gallati himself, The Wealth Files – The Unreported Secrets of Wall Street tells you the truth behind the truth, the theory behind the wealth, the secrets of Wall Street.

Hunger Is Radio Update

The Hunger Is Radio Updates are 90-second shorts that will grab, hold, and engage your station’s listeners with incredibly moving stories about kids, families, and local communities doing great things to help kids get the fuel they need to excel in school, and to be as big and as bright as they can be!

Hunger Is, is a joint charitable program of the Albertsons Companies Foundation and the Entertainment Industry Foundation. A % of revenue goes to kids breakfasts through Hunger Is.


Listen to a sample episode, Smart Cities to get a feel for the show. More available upon request.



Listen to a sample epsisode, Bigger Than Me to get a feel for the show.


For More Interstitial & Short Form Programming

Civilian Radio is currently working with several nonprofits to produce the best in interstitial programming

Please Ask for More Info

Current Lineup & Coming Soon


Remember when rock radio used to be fun? Aren’t you tired of the top 25 most frequently played artists together accounting for almost half of the spins on classic rock stations in the U.S. This reinvented radio format has modernized the classic rock formula to attract a much wider audience. It’s available in super high definition audio that will differentiate it from any other music based station in your market, and can be delivered immediately via internet for maximum flexibility and localization. Take it in 24 hour segments, or utilize it for overnight or weekends, it’s set up and ready to go.


COMING SOON! New wave. New music. New spin. Civilian Radio's answer to the 80s 24-hour format. Listen to all the great music that revolutionized the 80s, with the added Civilian Radio tenants of greatly expanded playlists and boundary-pushing tracks. Flock of Seagulls keyboards followed by the thrash of the Circle Jerks’ Wild in the Streets will bring both the 30 and 40-somethings back again and again. Super high definition audio, complete imaging and localization, all on barter. Take it in 24 hour segments, or utilize it for overnight or weekends, it’s set up and ready to go.


Just like ClassicHD, only in 2, 3, and 5 hour shows. We’ll play the Stones, Zeppelin, and the Who, of course, but we also play Beck, the White Stripes, and Radiohead. CLASSICS from all eras. By modernizing the classic rock formula, your station will attract a much wider audience. Like all our shows, this is an all barter format, and delivered via the leading terrestrial distributor, Synchronicity. Try our show out for a couple hours a week and you’ll see how we appeal to the GenXers and Millennials while not alienating the Boomers.


COMING SOON! Just like GenXHD, this next wave format is available in 2, 3 and 5 hour versions. The 80s are definitely back, and Mohawk Radio brings a reinvented 80s formula reaching back to Blondie and forward to Cold Play. Civilian Radio knows these expanded playlists will bring in the millennials and GenXers, and make a mark in your market. We’ll also pepper the show with news reads from the time period. Things like Time Magazine naming “the computer” man of the year, or the Berlin wall comes down. We’ll keep it light, but nostalgia will hook the audience. If you want this show, please contact us today.

Our Team

Philip Golden

Co Founder, radio expert and intuitive thinker

Eric Holden

Co Founder, media expert and deep thinker

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