The home of ClassicHD a reinvented radio format modernizing the classic rock formula for a wider audience in super high definition audio and delivered terrestrially for maximum flexibility and localization.


The ultimate in 24-Hour Programming. Rock Classics in the highest quality audio you have heard in decades.

The only 24-hour classic rock format available off satellite

The highest in music quality with SyncHD audio format

Updated to a more modern sensibility appealing to Millennials and GenXers

State of the art Synchronicity delivery creates powerful localization capabilities

Loaded with personality

Classic:HD Radio Promo

Listen to this short mp3 to get a feel for the disruptive format that is Classic:HD


Live 24 Hour Demo

Stream Classic:HD now, and you'll hear the format as it is live on-air.

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Started by two guys who met in 2nd grade, Civilian Radio is a new-sound production company at the apex of media savvy and radio expertise. We aim to reinvent current standards, involve our team in egalitarian issues and produce the absolute best in radio content curation.


Remember when there were just four or five TV stations? Remember when radio stations played whole albums on Sunday night? Remember when Star Wars was the greatest thing you’d ever seen? We’re in a brave new world where streaming is the new normal, everyone’s a reality star, and there are millions of podcasts to choose from. Satellite. Streaming. Apps. Downloads. Pick that, choose this, go here, download there. When did finding the best music with the absolute best quality become so much work? Well, we’ve got you covered. We want to make it easy to turn on the radio and hear the best classics, but updated to better match your current tastes - you know, not the same old repetitive playlists programmed by Baby Boomer types since the 1970s. Think about swapping out those REO Speedwagon songs and bringing in Nirvana, Band of Horses, Radiohead, or Foo Fighters. The classic songs of ALL rock generations, including THIS CENTURY, carefully curated and in ULTRA HIGH FIDELITY SOUND. Yep. In your car. HD sound means you’ve never heard these songs on your radio like this before (or at least since they stopped playing vinyl on air!).

What’s in the mix? ClassicHD – the devil is in the details

Programmed by lifelong professional musician Philip Golden, ClassicHD is a reinvention of the tried and true Classic Rock format. By playing rock classics from a much wider spectrum of eras and artists, we’re confident ClassicHD will attract a more advertiser-coveted range of listeners, GenXers and Millennials, as well as holding on to the Boomers.

The ClassicHD Mix

Tried & True
70s main | 4 per hour
70s b-list | 2 per hour
60s all | 2 per hour
80s main | 1 per hour
Modern Reinvention:
80s b-list | 1 per hour
90s/00s main | 1 per hour
90s/00s b-list| 1 per hour
Expanded Horizons | even newer music that will wow GenXers Millennials | 1 per 3 hours

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Our Team

Philip Golden

Co Founder, radio expert and intuitive thinker

Eric Holden

Co Founder, media expert and deep thinker

Contact Us

Please email or call with questions. If you'd like to get ClassicHD on the air tomorrow, please call our affiliate partner Mike Tyler at Fishnet Syndication. Or, if you have production or content needs, please email. For all other inquiries, please use the contact form. Thanks for visiting!

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