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On The Wealth Files – The Unreported Secrets of Wall Street , economics research expert Christian Galatti uncovers the secrets that Wall Street insiders don’t want you to know. Get the info you need to take back from the 1%.

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Christian Galatti has spent his entire 25 year career in the investment finance ecosytem. He began as a broker at Bear Stearns with responsibility of over $200M in asset management. He quickly pivoted to institutional equity and small cap technology research. Not only is Mr. Galatti one of Wall Street’s premier equity analysists, he goes beyond the more common Fundamental Equity Analysis to the underlying human element to uncover the reasons investors do what they do - Behavioral Equity Analysis.

From traditional financial modeling, business cycle data mining, and smid cap, Mr. Galatti uncovers the human behavior, personality, and cultural effects of Insider Buying/Selling, using Anomaly for Targeting, and the technology and trends that will disrupt the financial ecosystem in the next 12 to 18 months.

The key to Mr. Galatti’s success and why he’s sharing the Unreported Secrets of Wall Street is his long/short idea flow generated from changes that are not currently modeled into Street expectations.

Mr. Galatti keeps a low profile from his perch in northern California with a client list so discreet, they are covered by non-disclosure agreements. The Wealth Files – The Unreported Secrets of Wall Street is his communication to the world of many of these uncovered secrets, the truths behind the truth, and the theory behind the wealth.

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